Twin Flame Messages Vol. 1.

Journey to the Soul

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If things are not going well between you and your twin flame or if you are separated, you sometimes wonder how the other half is doing. Sometimes you would like to know where the other is in his / her process. This beautiful deck gives you the answer! Draw a message from your Twin Flame every day or whenever you want and feel fully connected again. (Note: this deck won't solve your problems, but it can give you a little more peace of mind ;) ).

The "Twin Flame Messages Vol. 1." deck. consists 72 square cards (3.5"x3.5" or 88.9 x 88.9 mm) full of loving messages from your beloved twin flame. These messages come through the Higher Self of you and your twin flame. The male and the female on the cards represent the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies that are increasingly merging together. ?

The deck answers your questions about your connection. Sometimes you get messages you don't want to hear, but sometimes it's necessary for your proces. That's why he / she confronts you, so you know exactly what you can heal on this beautiful journey. This deck guide you through the proces with it's beautiful messages. 


The messages are channeled and often heard in the process. You can use this deck as a supplement to a tarot reading or as a daily message from your beloved twin flame. This deck can also be used in combination with the Journey to Love oracle deck (Dutch, but will translate soon). 

This Deck SHIPS FROM THE NETHERLANDS. Keep in mind that the time of shipping can take a lot longer. 

This deck is also available in Dutch. The deck has been double checked for spelling and language errors by some beautiful souls. A big shout out to this beautiful souls!!  


S O C I A L * M E D I A 

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