Tile Collaboration

Tile Collaboration

Jamie Sawyer

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Are you an indie deck creator who owns the rights to your work? I would love to collaborate with you to bring your deck to life in a new way!  Perhaps you’ve seen my Sawyer’s Path Tarot Tiles, Lenormand Tiles or Nature’s Portal Tiles. (See photos for examples of what I’m talking about!) The tiles are no bigger than 2”, they are shrunken down, cast in resin, affixed to wooden engraved backs and come complete in an engraved puzzle style Box to accentuate the overall design!  They’ve been referred to as “Heirloom” pieces for those who have added a set or 2 to their tarot collection.  If you would like more information on how to start this collaboration, I’d love to set up a discussion! Click link for more information. 

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