Soul Journey Oracle

Journey to the Soul

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Soul Journey is a deck with which you can unravel your soul journey, specifically aimed at soul relationships and third parties, but certainly also for other issues. It starts with the pregnant mother and ends with the older man bringing flowers to his deceased wife. This deck represents life and everything that happens in it.

The card game is inspired by the tarot, so you can find some elements of it. You don't need to be a taro expert to read this deck. The deck contains four-person shapes, two princes and two princesses. The deck is energy-balanced, one princess is very open and accessible and the other princess a bit more mysterious and a bit 'darker'. The energy is in the cards and you can feel that while laying.

The deck features numbers, the four seasons and the symbols of the constellations. Each zodiac sign is in the deck twice. The deck is also designed to make it easy to read flipped cards as well. This deck does not contain a booklet but requires intuitive reading. This deck comes with a pouch.


This deck is also available in Dutch.





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