Soul Journey Activation

Soul Journey Activation


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I think of this Activation as jumps down the rabbit hole—the journey you’re on to your self-to-self connection...or self-within-yourself connection. You don’t have to have my Soul Journey Deck in order to participate in this Activation! But if you do, you can always pull more cards for whichever portion of the activation you're in. This allows you to put the process of introspection into action.

The journey is not just about reading, reflecting, and journaling with the questions or with the cards. It’s vital that your physical body gets more into the fold of what it is you’re trying to get your soul in alignment with.

Engaging with your body on all 4 levels (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) and putting this into action has the ability to create such freedom of movement along with strong trust, honesty, and tolerance in empowering ways.

This offering takes you through all 7 of your main chakras starting with your Root, concluding with your Crown. This series of small rituals allows you to accomplish a variety of tasks in what I call “rounds”—starting at the top of the page and concluding with the prayer at the bottom.

The first task this accomplishes is to provide you with deep introspective work by answering the 8 questions that start off each chakra. These are ordered and worded in a way that causes the energy to build in the energy centers.

After reflecting on the questions, you repeat a series of mantras (each one 3 times) as a way to move and shift the energies brought up by the questions through and out of your body by using your voice. It allows your thoughts and emotions to literally come out of your body and out into the world around you.

The third step is the included invocation. This is almost equally vital as the initial deep dive into yourself with the questions. This part of the process not only allows your voice to continue to exercise and move your energy, but it also encourages an energetic surrender as you ask and allow the openness needed to receive the help, healing, and support.

Each Chakra’s Activation needs to be done in order. Starting at the Root Chakra and perform 3 rounds, one a day for 3 days, for each of your 7 chakras—totaling 21 rounds in all. You must complete 3 full rounds (a “round” is starting with the questions at the top of the sheet, and ending with the invocation at the bottom) of each chakra before you can move to the next. There is a “checkbox” to help you keep track of each step of your process. Each time you get to the bottom of the chakra’s worksheet, check off a circle at the top of the page near the chakra’s name. This will help keep you on track for wherever in that specific chakra’s journey you are.


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