Oddity Tarot: A 24-Card Major Arcana Deck


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This listing is for the 2nd print run for Oddity Tarot.

There are 3 differences between the First Print Run and the Second Print Run:
1. The cards are no longer black-core - They are now white-core, which allows for a thicker card.
2. Since there are 24 cards, I wanted to go for a thicker stock. They will no longer be 310 gsm. They are now 400 gsm.
3. The two piece box was great, but a bit loose for some. I'm going with a tighter fit for the new box lid.

This is an extremely beautiful 24-card Major Arcana deck, illustrated by Richard Howdy.

These vivid cards, with their elaborate imagery, come in a beautiful, smooth, 2-peice rigid black box featuring the card back image on the front.

The cards roughly measure 2.75" x 4.75" with rounded edges.

There is not a guide book included, because the cards were designed for you to use your intuition while doing any readings.

Richard combined tattoo elements with side-show freaks and carnivalesque oddities to create this deck. See if you can find all the connections between the cards.

The cards still have a wonderful linen texture and satin finish.

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