No. 3 SÉANCE // Conjure Crate

Nancy Hess

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This crate is a labor of love, brought to you by your TCC healers (Nancy Hess + Lexi Bruno). In it, a complete ritual kit that falls under the theme SÉANCE. There is everything you need to completely create your own set of rituals. In any order that you choose, these items will bring some release and much sought after opportunity to find a pocket of peace.

SÉANCE is a sacred Spiritualist practice allowing you, as the medium, to communicate with the dead. In this practice, while you can call in spirits from elsewhere, you can just speak to those who are already here with you. The veil is very very during this time of year, allowing you to have that close and intimate communication. Allow yourself to take a deep breath. When you ask spirit to step forward let yourself see, hear, know, feel—sense them and their messages around you. If you call them, they will answer.

  • NOT PICTURED A Séance invocation (it will be included as a print out in your box). This will be the ask for the spirits in your space to step forward and speak. It will also offer wording to help release and close down the circle. This does not get rid of ALL the dead, however, it will work to release those you have specifically engaged in conversation with for the duration of the candle’s individual sessions. You can also use this to communicate with guides or ancestors too!

  • The candle comes to you created by Nancy this month. It’s scented Maple and Apple Burbon and is meant to emulate a traditional Spiritualist Séance. Starting with the scent which a musky sweet offering to the spirits, and imitating the musk in the room. It has a Séance oil base from my personal collection of 64 oils and is imbued with a special symbol to engage the dead. It includes Clear quartz to help amplify yours and the spirits’ messages as well as to mimic the class in the chandelier in the room, the glasses one would drink from, and the diamonds in the medium’s jewelry. The herbs, a natural element to mimic the ambiance around the room—the flowers and potpourri (along with being helpful negaters of negativity). The gold to mimic the candle holders and personal jewelry. This candle is not meant to be lit and left lit. You are meant to light and blow out the flame after each use. This candle works to make their communication more clear and direct—if you’re willing to listen.

  • Monster Spray was a favorite in my house when my son was little. We used to make it together as an energy shifting spray for when he was getting ready for bed. THIS IS NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. It contains a brandy base, distilled water, orange-infused Florida water, a kitchen sink of repelling and protection oils from my personal collection of 64 oils, and is empowered with Shamanic and Reiki energies to aid in the cleansing and shifting of the energy in your room or on your physical body. You can use this in place of or in addition to smudging, during your personal rituals for resetting your energy, any place in your space that needs a pick-me-up, even items that are feeling wonky.

  • Our 5 shortie incense sticks are scented with herbal notes of eucalyptus, green sage, bright mint, rosewood, cedar, and pine. Think sage but sweeter.

  • “Into The Woods” bubble scoop from This is my FAVORITE scent and Miss Zuri let me customize it with Hocus Pocus colors!! Contains notes of pine, orange blossom, violet, moss, and wood—it’s not too woodsy, not too sweet…just right. “Strip down energetically and emotionally, drop all that weighs you down and step into your cosmic cleanse. Soak in a bubble bath with Into the Woods for daily energy dumps and enhancing your cord-cutting rituals. After you liberate your energy field from energy vampires and hanger ons, you can hook back into the nourishing support of mama earth with Into the Woods.”

  • Be safe witches. Stay home, do spells mask from Lady Moon Co.

  • Smoky quartz pebble to keep with you (I usually tuck mine in my bra) to help work on smaller levels when you’re out and about in the world. We don’t normally rely on these little friends to do major work for us but they can be helpful for some minor spirit release work, emotional

  • Stickers…because who doesn’t love fun little extras! Rosemary is featured as a smudge sticker for it’s protective and warding of negativity. Hecate’s mark also makes an appearance this month, she’ll be joining us this October for some work.

  • Fun extras include homemade Halloween buttons (they’re all different! what’s pictured here may not represent what you receive) and a spiderweb coaster!

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