Living in Charge Dual Coaching Program & Community - 1 month


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“True health and wellness requires both meaningful action and restorative pauses for mind, body and spirit. “


Lauri & Shannon guide you through the trials of being human using intuition and logic to make mind, body, and spirit connections that promote wellness and joy.

High value low cost dual coaching program with 3 levels of support

  • 2 coaching sessions live each month with 2 holistic professionals ($200 value)
  • Always growing online library of content ( $500 value )
  • Online community for daily support and connection ( priceless )

Two Coaches, two areas of expertise and two uniquely connected programs that helps you recognize opportunities, to make changes, and build the life you want to live, are all in ONE dynamic model. 

A guided community for the active pursuit of mental and spiritual wellness.

Lauri Maynard, MA, LMHC, CPC teaches how to bring together the mind, body and spirit using the logic of science and the practicals of psychology. This is the foundation needed to find inner balance and the feeling of wholeness. 

Shannon Tibbetts, CPC brings her experiential approach to spiritual wellness through mindfulness, creative expression and childlike wonder. This is the magic of finding peace in the process while embracing your adventure.

What’s included!

CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS: “an evolving library packed with life lessons that explore science, psychology and spirituality with live intuitive guidance every month”
“Use art, energy, nature, and intentional tools to discover and harness the magic within you" 
“grow and gather together through discussion, live events, and sharing of life”
  • LIVE COACHING by 2 holistic wellness professionals each month
  • ART & PLAY continuously added to the course library
  • MESSY LIFE TOOLS a library of therapeutic strategies and action items
  • SPECIAL GUESTS interviews & activities with various holistic wellness professionals
  • RETREATS  special Living in Charge yearly events
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY private group for live meetups, support, and fun

Find out more about this program and register for a monthly membership here:

After purchasing this one month package you will be emailed information to login for your one month access including information to join us for live coaching sessions. 

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