Enchanted Affirmations Deck

Robin Carlton

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The Enchanted Affirmations card deck contains 53 cards to empower and inspire you in every area of your life. Pick a card every morning and use it as your mantra for the day.  Pick a card when you are working through a situation and use it as insight in to what will help you to work through it.  You can use these cards any time you need to have a fresh outlook or when you need a pick me up.  The Enchanted Elementals are always there when you need them.  A digital guidebook is will be available to give more information about each of the Enchanted Elementals.

Affirmations can be an incredibly powerful way to use self-talk, to turn around negative internal messages, and to stay focused.

What's Included with your Deck Purchase?

We're all about giving you more resources to support you!

In addition to getting your deck in your mailbox, you're going to receive access to our Enchanted Resource Portal where you'll find additional resources like the Digital Guidebook and Journal Pages that you can download along with some other fun stuff.  Instructions on how to access this special place will be included with your deck.

Cards are 3.5 x 5 card stock and come with a teal blue or light green (based on availability) burlap drawstring bag to hold your cards when you're not using them. 

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