Delphi Oracle 4th Edition

Zia Fox Studios

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This expanded 50 card deck is designed to connect you to the wisdom of the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon. Each card features art to illustrate the card's subject - most of them paintings from the 16th to 18th centuries. Featured mythical figures include Apollo, Persephone, Calypso, Atlas, Hades, Zeus, Minotaur and more. These cards not only focus on the well known figures, but also some of the smaller figures like Themis, Adonis, Hypnos and the Fates. Deck comes with a full color guide book, as well as an art print of a random card from the deck.

* Cards are 2.20"x3.43" (US Game card sized)
* Card stock is S30 (smooth)
* Gloss Finish
* Custom labeled tin box
* Full color wire bound guide book (134 pages)
* Limited edition random art print

This is an ORACLE deck, and sometimes gets confused for the Tarot of Delphi from Aello Publishing. They are two completely different decks. Please be aware of that before you purchase!

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