Feedback for IDH

What our Customers Are Saying...

"Wow! I stumbled on this little gem of a site called "Indie Deck Hub" and couldn't be more pleased. I was looking for a "different" sort of card deck that focused on animals... Yes, I found a deck and more! The unique nature of the different products are inviting. I found the checkout procedure "user friendly" and the customer service to be exceptional.  The deck creator emailed me a quick note stating there was a little glitch in the mail and a couple items would be in different packages. Thank you for the "heads up"! I would definitely order from them again ... great place to purchase other types of gifts! 

B.D.- Educator, Professional Musician 


"I'm not really into woo woo stuff, but I wanted to get a gift for a friend. Not knowing a lot about these types of decks, I checked out the 101 page. That helped me know what to look for. Then I found a deck that I knew my friend would like.  I really try to support local and knowing this site gives more revenue back to the creator made me feel good. It was an easy checkout and you can't beat free shipping."

N.M.J. - Physician


"Love, love , LOVE everything about this site!! I always got lost on other sites when I only wanted to just get a deck! I also loved checking out the sellers info and stuff. I am so excited to see more sellers on here. This will be my go to place for Indie Decks!"

M.M.- Consultant


"I had always wanted to get more into Tarot cards however they always felt too complicated.  I checked out the search options and got exactly what I needed. The deck I got on Indie Deck Hub was fun, simple and easy to follow. I also got a cloth which I didn't even know was a thing. Can't wait until the holidays so I can gift some of the other cool stuff I found on here. "

D.E.- Business Coach


What our Sellers are Saying

"I love being able to list my products on a site only for other indie decks! I am starting out and competing with other unrelated products is hard.  I choose to send out my products myself using the shipping software that works for me. The payouts are fast and the fees are lower than other e-com sites. I'm super happy to be on here!"


"I'm surprised a site like this didn't exist before now! I have my decks on all different platforms and I've been selling for awhile. I love being part of something that supports creators like me. I use the Indie Deck Hub Fulfillment option and it saves me sooo much time. I just wish this was around when I first got started!"


"I've been with Indie Deck Hub from the start. I have seen it grow in a very short time. As with any start-up, there are challenges to overcome, but as a seller, I've gotten support the whole way. I'm tired of seeing knock-off and fake decks being sold, so I want to be a part of site that fights that. I believe in the vision of Indie Deck Hub and think it's awesome that services are offered to customers and creators alike."