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Quick Instructional Videos For Indie Deck Hub Sellers

 *Please use PDF's along with videos for most up-to-date onboarding information.


How to Create Seller Profile




Quick Start Step 1 PDF


Note: Once you join, admin will be notified and will need approve your account. This is to ensure only creators are selling on the site. You will be notified by email when you have been approved and can log on.



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How To Set Up Seller Store


Quick Start Step 2 PDF




How to Create Listings for SELF- FULFILLED Products

Approved Sellers May List:

Decks, Tools, Accessories, Digital and Professional Services

Do Not List:

Used Decks, Decks that are not created by Sellers, Personal Readings




Quick Start Step 3 PDF


Let people know they can find your products on the HUB! You can use these on your site, email, marking or social. Right Click on image and "save image as" to save to your device.











Seller Fulfilled Products



*PLEASE SEE PDF for Current Shipping UPDATES that might NOT be reflected in the Quick Start Video 

Quick Start Step 4 (Seller Fulfilled) PDF


-Indie Deck Hub Fulfilled Product Listing 

This is for sellers that will be using Shuffled Ink to send out products

Quick Start (IDH Fulfilled) PDF



Sellers  FAQ-

What are the listing fees?- Quick Answer - To List is Free. When a sale is made-  Seller keeps about 85% of sale along with taxes and shipping (if seller fulfilled). 15% goes to listing fees. 

Long answer -Listing fees *at this time* will be no more than 15% on all products.  *Waitlist creators will be less as a thank you*. (Other sites take up to 35%).

If the seller chooses Indie Deck Fulfillment, the fulfillment fee starts at $2.30 per product sold ( NO additional storage, sale minimums, monthly membership or high pack n pick rates). Credit Card/PayPal fees are historically approx. around 2.5-3% percent and IDH has no control over those fees. 


How do I get paid?- In the Seller Portal, IDH connects to your business Pay Pal account. You will get your payout the same day a product is fulfilled *sent out*. (Other sites hold your monies for days or weeks) This is for both Indie Deck Hub Fulfillment and Seller Fulfillment Options. You will get a PayPal email notification that your payout has been sent so you'll know when your monies are ready. Listing fee, credit card processing fees set by Shopify and credit card companies, taxes, possible shipping labels fees/fulfillment fees, are all automatically removed before payout. The commission breakdown is easily seen in the seller portal. 


Who takes care of taxes?-  The amount of tax on a product is automatically included in the payout and the seller is solely responsible for their tax reporting. 


Who handles returns?- We encourage an all sales final policy. However, if product was damaged in transport etc, then seller will need to handle the financial part of the transaction (refund monies) as IDH doesn't hold on to seller commission. If IDH sent out the product, we will send out another one per seller request. If seller sent out product, then they are responsible for replacement product to be sent out. 

Who sends out my product?- If you select Indie Deck Hub Fulfillment, you will need to send your stock to our Fulfillment Center in Florida. Shuffled Ink runs the fulfillment arm of IDH.

Send stock to:

Shuffled Ink/ Indie Deck Hub
3724 Vineland Rd #3, Orlando, FL 32811

Phone: 407-298-3579


Once a customer purchases your product, you will be notified. No additional action by the seller is needed. You may monitor the transactions in the seller portal. Email, tracking, shipping notifications will be sent to customer/seller. Shuffled Ink sends out within 2-3 business days *COVID could affect shipping times* 

Seller Fulfilled - will be sent out by you or your team. Notifications on shipping will be sent out automatically. 


Can I resell a used deck from my personal collection?- No, this site is for new, unused decks. Sellers may only sell their own decks/products in new and unused condition. This is to protect all parties. 


What is the stance on content?- Indie Deck Hub is an inclusive site that supports creators and Indie Decks. Please do not list products that violate our policies. See legal section on the site for more information.  Images that encourage or suggest hate, discrimination, violence, or contain extreme adult themes, will not be tolerated. Sellers are responsible for their products. We do our best to monitor content, but it is the responsibility of the creator to respect our policies.  If you have a question about your images, please send us an email.


What if I need to cancel my seller account?- We would be sad to see you go, but seller may cancel account at anytime. Processing time may be needed. Email to cancel account


Email info@indiedeckhub for any other questions



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