Indie Decks 101

Cartomancy Terms:

Cartomancy: Divination using a deck of cards.

Tarot: Tarot decks, typically containing 78 cards are divided into two groups: the major and minor arcana. The 22 major arcana typically refer to more major influences and revelations. The minor arcana, by contrast, refer to more everyday matters and influences. These 56 cards are divided into four suits: wands, swords, pentacles, and cups.  The most common deck in the United States is the Rider-Waite deck, which was created in 1909 by A.E. Waite and published by Rider & Company. The artist was Pamela Colman Smith.

Indie Tarot creators often add extra cards to their decks to add additional meaning based on expertise and experience. Most creators and readers are either self-taught to read tarot or have had mentors.

Source: The CUT


Oracle: A tool that can be used for introspection or, depending on your approach, divination. But unlike traditional tarot decks, which can come with 78 cards, oracle decks can include any number of cards.  Also, oracle decks don't follow any structure. There are no rules, so the possibilities are endless. Readers need no training or education to read oracle cards. 

Source: Refinery29


Affirmation/Manifestation: A set of cards with positive messages or messages with the intention of creating a certain outcome. No set amount of cards in a deck. 

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What is an Indie Deck?

An Indie Deck is simply a deck that has been funded and created without the backing of a publisher. You may find these decks by way of Kickstarter, social media and/or word of mouth. 

Why Choose Indie Decks?

Creators of Indie Decks are brave! They believe in doing their own thing and they have the strength and courage to put their unique messages and visions out into the world. 

Indie means they do not have a publisher to back their project. Creators are either self-funded, backed by crowd sourcing or pre-orders.  They are in charge or have direct influence on the branding, creation, artwork, messaging, production, shipping and marketing.

They may choose to do it all on their own including art, content, and design. Or they may be part of a collaboration. They may also outsource a professional to help bring their vision to life. Indie creators own and have creative control over their products.

Indie decks have impactful creation stories. These decks are born from grief, struggle, trauma, visions, creative downloads and intense inspiration. Creators have transformed these experiences into a physical product that can be witnessed and used to enhance the lives of others.


What goes into the Cost of an Indie Deck?

Indie Decks are printed in small batches from anywhere to 5 decks to 5,000. The price tag of an Indie Deck might be higher and here's why...

All of the following affect the cost of an Indie Deck

  • Number of cards in a deck
  • Colors
  • Quality of paper
  • The  size and shape of the cards (square, round, rectangle)
  • Size and quality of guidebook
  • Special edging on the cards
  • Protective coating
  • Quality and type of box
  • Packaging
  • Time spent in research & development  (anywhere from 6 months to 5 years or more)
  • Cost to outsource skills (art, graphic art, editing)
  • Printers 
  • Actual printing of the cards
  • Cost of shipping completed decks to creator and/or source of fulfillment
  • Where the decks are printed (US printing is much more expensive)
  • Marketing and marketing materials (stickers, stationary, business cards, special add-ons)
  • Shipping supplies (envelopes, bubble wrap etc.)
  • International shipping costs
  • Cost to protect business (trademark, insurance)
  • Fees for websites and e-commerce


*Publishers own the content of their deck creators. They also have resources to order hundreds of thousands of decks and they may have their own printing houses. This gives them the ability to keep costs of decks lower and put them into distribution. Publishers may take up to 90% of profits. 


*Some Creators on this site may have a mix of indie created decks and Publisher backed decks. However, the only decks featured on IDH are the indie created decks. 



THANK YOU for supporting Indie Deck Creators. Know your purchase goes directly to the creator and to their livelihood. Every deck on Indie Deck Hub was created by folks who are passionate about providing insight, enjoyment and beauty. Your purchases make a difference.