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Have you ever had a reading before? The first set of cards is for a beginner and it features Rebel Deck- the Game! Anyone can use this deck. You don't need any experience to read these sassy cards!


Here is your reading!

The Next Reading is uses Tarot and Oracle Cards. You can teach yourself to read or get a mentor.
The Following Reading Features-
From Left Going Clockwise:
Oddity Tarot
Crystal Unicorn Deck
Soul Journey
Antiquities of Magic
The Strength card from the Oddity Tarot explains that you will be overcoming a major obstacle soon. This is a great card when you're trying to get healthy or break a persistent pattern. Remember to be strong yet not forceful. 
The Ace of Cups from the Crystal Unicorn Deck depicts 5 streams of water. This can represent all 5 senses. This card reminds you to use all of your gifts including your intuition. The dove can also show you divine love is present.
The Reflection Card from the Soul Journey Deck is an Oracle Card. Contemplate why this message is showing up for you right now. Journal or meditate on the answers this card brings forth.
The last card is the Leaf Card from Antiquities of Magic. This card shows you that you are growing into something more. It is a symbol of renewal and hope.
Does this reading resonate? As with all readings, we invite you take what sparks something within, and leave the rest for another time.
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