What is an Indie Deck?

An Indie Deck is simply a deck that has been funded and created without the backing of a publisher. You may find these decks by way of Kickstarter, social media and/or word of mouth. For more info on Indie Decks, check out our Indie Decks 101 page.


Is this a wholesale site?

No, this is a marketplace. This means the creator has made a “store within a store.” The seller has their own digital space where they run which products/images/prices and shipping options are displayed.

You have used marketplaces if you have ordered products from any other major e-comm site.


Can anyone become a “seller” on Indie Deck Hub?

No. You must be an Indie Deck Creator to become a seller.  If you have created an oracle deck, tarot, game, flashcard, custom playing cards etc. and you do NOT have a publisher for the deck, you may be a seller. You may also be a seller if you support indie creators with your services.

If you do deck art, copy writing, editing etc. or create supporting tools, you may list your services.  


What makes this site different from other major e-comm sites?

Lower listing fees, no monthly membership (*during beta testing), and no hidden fees. It's also a family run business. Indie Deck Hub was built with the creators in mind, by a deck creator. The founder, having created 3 decks herself, has extensive experience selling on other platforms. This site fills a need indie deck creators have. And because this is a site JUST for Indie Decks, you will only find Indie Decks and supporting products and services. 

We also have lower fulfillment fee options, so creators don’t have spend time sending out products if they don’t want to.


Why is there no international shipping? We will not be offering shipping internationally while shipping issues are still happening due to the pandemic. As a U.S. based company, we have more control over domestic shipping issues. We look forward to offering international shipping in the future. 


Who sends out my product?

This depends on the sellers. If they have a deck that is *Indie Deck Hub fulfilled, it will come from our warehouse in Florida.

If the seller has chosen *Self- Fulfilled, then they are responsible for sending out their product. There will be tags that the creators may choose to identify to the customer how a product is fulfilled.

Indie Deck Hub fulfillment is supported by Shuffled Ink. Decks are usually shipped within 2-3 business days. *Challenges caused by COVID, may affect shipping times.

Seller fulfillment will depend on schedule of the creator. 


Who is responsible for products?

On Indie Deck Hub, the creator/seller is responsible for their stores and products. This is a site that solely provides infrastructure and support for indie products. The creators are ultimately in charge of the pricing, content, quality and authenticity, selling policies, return and shipping policies. If a seller offers a service such as copywriting, etc., it is the customers responsibility to do research on the seller/service and contact seller directly if there are issues. IDH is not responsible for the quality of services. The creators have the freedom to run their store as they choose. 


If I have a question about the product/Service I purchased or received, who should I contact?

Please contact the seller directly. Contact information is provided on the seller profile. If you email info@indiedeckhub.com, we will forward the email to the creator.


What if I need to return my product?

The policy of Indie Deck Hub is all sales are final.

Your purchases support local and indie creators with limited stock. Also, many creators, especially divination in nature, believe that once the customer opens the deck, their vibe/energy is in the cards. However, please see the return policies set by the creator and contact the creator directly if you have questions. Contact information is on seller store profile.


How do I know I am getting an authentic product?

With other e-comm sites that allow all sellers, there is no guarantee you aren’t getting a pirated, fake or used deck.  Here, you are buying directly from the creators so there is no confusion. Indie creators are fiercely protective of their products and art.  Just by being on the site, they have agreed to only sell new, original products. Creators want customers to have their unique offering. If you feel the product you received was used, fake or pirated, please email info@indiedeckhub.com. 


Thank you for supporting Indie Deck Hub and Indie Creators!