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Is Being a Seller on Indie Deck Hub for You?

  • I have self-published a deck ( you could stop here :)
  • I don't have a website and I'm overwhelmed with the thought of setting one up
  • I have a website but I want to increase my exposure with the demographic that supports indie decks
  • I sell on  major sales channels and I want to expand my reach
  • I want to pay less in fees
  • I want to increase revenue 
  • I want to support a site that was created by a fellow creator that supports creators
  • I am selling and I am tired of shipping out my product
  • I like shipping out my own product and want increased exposure.
  • I have experienced unauthorized sellers and/or people creating knock-offs of my product, resulting in poor product circulation and lost revenue
  • I have inventory that isn't being utilized and I want to get it out into the world
  • I love writing for divination, games or flashcards
  • I am an artist that creates images for divination, games or education
  • I am a graphic artist with a flair for magick
  • I can help creators market their products
  • I am an editor and want to help creators
  • I have digital products or courses that teach about divination
  • I want to support small, diverse and growing indie businesses 

If you answered yes to any of these, then sign up and get your product in front of customers that support independent decks. We'd love for you to become part of our creator community in 2021!


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