Buy-Sell-Support Independently Created Card Decks.


What we offer:

For the Customer-

  • One easy to navigate and centralized site where you can see all that indie deck creators have to offer.  No frustrating or overwhelming searches on general e-com sites.  No unrelated products that come up with your searches. 
  • We provide listings for indie decks, digital products, deck tools + accessories and services.  All on-site purchases or links point directly to the creators. No worrying that you have purchased a knock-off or pirated deck. Plus, when you support Indie Deck Hub, more of the revenue goes to the creator.
  • You are supporting a creator run site and family run, U.S. based fulfillment center.
  • You get to know the creators on our seller profile page.


What we ask-

Please know that we (the admins and the sellers) are doing the best we can at all times. Because we are a family run site- we will have bumps, lost emails, illness, and occasional late shipping.

We are folx with other jobs and we have feelings and kids in school and sick family members that we take care of and animals that need us. We are a part of this because we love it. Let's support each other!


For the Creators-

(Click Here For A Flow Chart )

  • A site that only showcases indie decks and attracts customers looking for indie decks.
  • A place to list your decks, digital products, deck tools + accessories and any service pertaining to indie decks (art, copy writing, marketing, deck creation support etc). This is NOT a wholesale site. This is a marketplace model so you can keep more of what you make!
  • Here are the 2 main ways to use The Hub if you are a creator-
      • Create a Seller Store- list decks, digital products etc. Product sales are commission based. You can choose Indie Deck Fulfillment for a small addition fulfillment fee or Seller-Fulfillment and send your product out yourself.
      • Create a Seller Store-  add product links that point back to your store or social media. This will ensure your products get in front of your key demographic.

More in-depth information about our services

We offer- 

  • A secure login to see your metrics, orders and products. You control what and how you sell your products.
  • Fulfillment! Indie Deck Hub in partnership with Shuffled Ink, will manage your fulfillment needs. Whether you have 10 decks or 10,000, we will store them and ship them. No storage fees, no monthly sales minimum and no pressure. Personal customer service. 
  • Lower listing and fulfillment fees. Consignment model. Payouts as soon as your product ships.
  • Ability to self-fulfill using your own shipping methods (although this takes so much time, so might as well have us do it :)
  • No customer reviews, star-based or best-seller product filters. Customers find you based on what your product offers.
  • Inclusive and specific search "tags" for your products. We are constantly updating the tags to reflect the community.
  • Seller profile feature- allow customers to get to know you and learn about your vision
  • Listing only features that point back to your site
  • Social media and email marketing
  • A chance to be a part of the movement to support the creators.

What we ask-

As we grow and change, please be patient. We will be going through bumps and we invite you to have grace and flexibility. The admins have families and feelings and sometimes things happen. We will always strive to provide you with timely support.  If you can handle that- welcome to the fam!!



In a world full of big-box stores + impersonal e-commerce sites, we are breaking the mold.

Indie Deck Hub is a home created for creators. When you're here, know that you're getting an authentic product that comes directly from the artists and creatives.

We have no fake or knock-off decks. The services offered are from seasoned experts. Our community is diverse, robust and supportive.

We pride ourselves on lower fees so more commission goes back to the artist. We have partnered with U.S. based Shuffled Ink as our family-run fulfillment service, so creators can spend more time doing what they love-creating!

We invite you to spend some time hanging out with us. Check out decks you might've not seen anywhere else. Expand your mind with original artwork. Take a course that challenges you. Hire and expert to help you with your project. 

But mostly, know that when you shop, support or sell at Indie Deck Hub, you are encouraging imagination, creativity and entrepreneurship. 


About the Founder



Shannon Gomez, MSOM, L.Ac., holds a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Shannon's love for health and wellness began at an early age, but was solidified when she worked as a health promoter in the Peace Corps.

Shannon is an intuitive and the creator of REBEL Deck LLC home of the funny and in-your-face oracle decks. Shannon created these sassy decks after her intuition saved her from sinking into a deep emotional hole. These bestselling decks have been seen in Allure, E! Entertainment, The Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal and Phoenix Magazine.

Her mission with REBEL Deck is to create spiritual and self-improvement tools that are real + relatable.

Shannon is also the founder of Indie Deck Hub LLC. She was inspired to create this innovative sales channel as a way to support and empower fellow deck creators. She understands the challenges that come with deck creation and IDH is a unified marketplace where all things indie come together.

Indie Deck Hub is a stress-less, collaborative environment, free of reviews, sale minimums and product fulfillment hassles.

Shannon is happily married with three wonderful and rowdy children. You can either find her hiking in her beloved desert mountains or eating tacos and drinking green tea.




For more info on Shannon, visit