Daily Tarot Journal/ Card Tracker

Jamie Sawyer

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A Digital Daily Tarot Journal designed with clickable links to work in •GoodNotes •Notability •Xodo •Noteshelf —Includes Tabs for quick access to jump back to a page.**“Home” will bring you to the screen that serves as a launch pad to all other areas of the journal.  •Daily Tarot Chart at a glance, I personally use this with color codes to see which cards keep showing up through out the month/year •Blank pages for Natal and Solar return charts.  This is something you will have to download and add yourself, as it’s just a blank space saver. You can find it easily by doing an internet search for "My natal chart" or "My Solar Return" - or you can use these pages as you see fit if you're not into astrology.•Astrological correspondence wheels also are included on one of the intro pages- this helps you know which cards are affected by which sign/planet  •Months are tabbed down the right side - Each of these houses the individual links to the days of the month. The Individual days are not numbered, meaning you can use it for whichever year(s) you'd like.Each Month has a prompt to go with the feel of the season, *Be advised this is based on the Northern Hemisphere with some of the references.  

350+ Digital linked pages


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