Soul Journey Deck


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Spiritual "Therapy" In A Box

**no, I'm not a licensed therapist...**

This deck is about you—your journey, your spiritual development, light and shadow sides, and most importantly...self-care.

Your journey with this deck encourages you to dive into the things you may be avoiding but also encourages you to celebrate all that you have. It's all about finding a balance.

Deck measures 2.75" x 4.75", soft matte coating, rigid 2-piece box.


  • Recall and be grateful for things throughout your life.

  • Create self-care rituals.

  • Reflect on your boundaries and how they affect both you and those you interact with.

  • Give yourself the space to explore the unconscious motives behind your actions.

  • Examine both the light and shadow sides of yourself.

  • Sort and organize your life without judgment.

  • Allow your heart to speak instead of your mind.

  • Learn to be gentle and tender with yourself during reflections + examinations of difficult prompts.


Just like any other deck! Soul Journey is modeled after some of my favorite oracle decks and you'll come to find that just as those oracle decks can help guide your meditations + personal time with an intuitive spirit, Soul Journey will also work with you to help guide your reflections to where the need to be.

Make sure to give the deck a good and proper shuffle!! 

As you shuffle, take deep breaths, and ask the Universe to offer to you what you need in the present time.

There aren't any spreads to learn or multi-card draws. This deck is meant to be used with a single-card pull—that is unless you're on the 31-Day Challenge!


This deck also pairs really well with just about any other deck in your collection. I always say Soul Journey encourages a deeper conversation with any card pull you've got in front of you. Whether it asks you to take a different approach to the question you've asked, deepen the meaning of what cards you've pulled, or encourages you to seek even more answers, Soul Journey is a gentle companion deck that has nothing short of your best interest at heart.

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