Paranormal Oracle

Patricia Dunn

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Introducing the Paranormal Oracle! This is a deck that literally began with a dream. As with all divination cards, the images are representatives of greater truths. The cards reflect paranormal and spiritual experiences of all kinds. They also depict a variety of entities from ghosts to aliens.

Each card stands alone as an archetype, bringing both practical and spiritual messages. They are deeply engaging but not without their humor! 

More in-depth descriptions available for free download on my website:  

I did this to keep printing costs down. Each card stands alone for a single draw or can be used in a variety of spreads. Six suggested downloads are also available for free on my website:

A lifetime of unusual experiences has made me paranormally obsessed. I recently published a memoir based on my experiences. Due to lockdown, I found myself living in strange circumstances. Searching for something to fill my time, I had a powerful dream about divination cards. As it was one of those big, meaningful dreams. I decided to take it to heart. As an artist and writer, the project was not far out of my wheelhouse.

I asked for help from Spirit, and over several months I channeled these cards and I've worked hard to bring them to fruition. Many of the meanings associated with the cards are not what I would have personally chosen. Spirit implanted its own wisdom. I asked for help so I went with it, knowing there is a greater perspective than mine alone and that the individual's intuition holds the greatest key to meaning.

Spirit-inspired, artist-generated cards depicting paranormal/spiritual themes: Sixty provocative cards, rigid box, and eight-fold booklet.

The cards are full color print and tarot-sized - Dimensions: 70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75". They are smooth/matte finished.

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