My Quality Time Self-care Oracle

Deja Drewit

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  • 44 pocket size cards with magnetic box (2.45" x 3.95")
  • 44 fun activities that are easy to do, whether you have kids or on a budget
  • 6 Blank cards for you to add your favorite things to do
  • Hand illustrated and painted with watercolor
  • Includes a small booklet with alternative activities for each card
  • 400 GSM matte finish cards
  • 2nd Edition includes 9 new cards!
  • Can be used as an oracle deck in readings



These cards are easy to use. Just shuffle and choose 1 or a couple of cards for the day. You can choose randomly or choose intentionally. Then just do those activities that day. It's that simple! Each activity can be done in just a few minutes and most don't require you to spend any money. Keep the card(s) on your desk or altar where you will be reminded to do those activities.


Why Self-Care?


  • They remind you to take time to yourself
  • Self-care does not have to cost money, most of these activities are free to do
  • Most activities require as little as 5 minutes​
  • Spice up your daily routine


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