Lucky Potion Oracle Companion: A 45 Week Undated Weekly Planner Coloring Book Notebook Goal Setter Meditation Water Tracker


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From the Creator of Oddity Tarot, and The Lucky Potion Oracle Guidance Cards (Not included), comes this new multi-purpose book for self-help, guidance, and introspection. At the beginning of each week, picture yourself in an alchemist’s lab. Shelves of bottles line the walls in front of you. Each bottle is different: every shape, color and size you can imagine sits right within your grasp. Decide which potion you wish to work with this week, read the prompt, and start getting the inspiration and motivation to accomplish everything you dream of.


  • Bound At The Top - good for right-handed people or left-handed people
  • 8.5" x 11" thick stock
  • Weekly Potion Theme & Guidance Prompt - The same immersive writing from the Lucky Potion Guidance Cards Booklet, written by the amazingly talented Judy Black (@judyblackcloud) *Use the motivational phrases to prompt your thoughts
  • Undated Weekly Planner - 45 weeks, Start on any page, Track your water consumption
  • Habit Tracker - Single habit each week, keep it simple
  • Goal Setter - Choose three attainable goals each week *Color in the eye pupils when each goal is complete
  • Coloring Book - Different beautiful artwork on each page, Meditate while you color, Colored pencils work best (colored pencils not included)!
  • Notes Section - Bullet-journal style dotted section, Write or draw whatever you want
  • Bonus Pages - Lucky Potion Oracle Card Tracker, Keep track of the cards you pull daily with this simple spreadsheet
  • Stickers - Full page of stickers for your amusement, Use them however you want, 150 in total

Please check out the Lucky Potion Oracle Deck Listing!

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