The Chefs Table Kitchen Tarot Deck

Eighty Sixed It

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Even if you are not a tarot card enthusiast, this Kitchen Tarot Deck is a great gift for anyone who loves cooking!

These whimsical cards are a fun addition to your tarot collection or a great gift for a chef and foodie. In addition to being a tool for divination, these cards also give you an insight into a professional kitchen and appetizing images of food.

This unique tarot deck is compromised of all of the suits of the traditional deck, but with a twist. Pentacles are Dough, Wands are Pins, Swords are Knives and Pots are Cups. You'll never be scared of the Tower card again, since it's a tower of waffles and chicken instead of the traditional card of people fleeing a burning building. 

This 78 card deck comes shrink wrapped in a tarot bag to keep your cards protected, hand picked crystals and dried lavender.
*No guidebook included.

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