You Are Not Too Much Inspiration Deck

Jeanette Leblanc

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It could be said that, considered as a body of work, almost all of my writing could be classified as a love letter.

A love letter to those in the midst of the breakdown or a reckoning or a rise. A love letter to the wild ones, to the lost souls, to the free. To the seekers and the lovers of leaving and those intent on finding themselves amidst the rubble.

Love letters to you.
And always, in the end love letters to myself.

I decided to comb through those love letters to find my favorite notes, passages and lines from years of writing, and collect them all together here for you.

I hope this beautiful deck of cards is a companion, a guide, a map and a reminder.

A reminder of your strength.
A reminder of your magic.
A reminder of your beauty.
A reminder of your wild heart and your holy howl.
And a reminder that no, you are not too much.
You never have been.
You never will be.

You are exactly as you should be.
Blessed be.

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