Cosmic Shaman Oracle Deck

Lilla Dent

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by Stephanie Pajak
art by Lilla Dent

Looking for simple and to the point, but thoughtful answers? This (literally) black and white deck is for you! The Cosmic Shaman Oracle Deck is structured around the concept of yin and yang pairings, so each card in the deck is either a white yang card - a "yes," ie. an active, proactive card of action - or a black yin card - a "no," ie. a card of passive or more static energy. In addition to the broader yin/yang category, each card has a specific keyword and inspirational phrase to help you go deeper in your reading. The deck is composed of 50 yin and yang cards (25 of each) plus one neutral card, which may be pulled in instances where true neutral is your best course of action. The structure of reality always contains this third option!

This deck is of course great for answering yes-or-no questions, but it can also be used in any other kind of spread or as a daily card for general inspiration and direction. In addition to being used for divination, the cards can also be a playful tool for contemplating the ways in which these forces of light and dark, masculine and feminine, and action and flow can and do play out in your life and in our outer reality. You are white and black. You are yang and yin. You are day and night. You are a cosmic shaman.

Your order will come with a white chiffon style carrying bag as pictured. Cards measure 5.75" x 3.5" and feature a slick, easily shufflable finish.

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