The Chefs Table Kitchen Tarot Deck

Eighty Sixed It

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This tarot deck is a whimsical addition for any tarot card collector or foodie. This unique tarot deck is compromised of all of the suits of the traditional deck, but with a twist. Pentacles are Dough, Wands are Pins, Swords are Knives and Pots are Cups. You'll never be scared of the Tower card again, since it's a tower of waffles and chicken instead of the traditional card of people fleeing a burning building.  

Each deck comes shrink wrapped along with a blue velvet bag for keeping your cards safe. We also add crystals to promote health and well being, lavender and sprigs of organic dried herbs that are imported from Greece. 

This 78 card deck comes in a blue velvet bag with gold interior to keep your cards protected, along with crystals that promote health and happiness, dried lavender and a sprig of organic dried kitchen herbs imported from Greece.

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