Positive Programming | A deck for personal transformation

Games for Humanity

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The most recommended deck for shifting your mindset, day to day. This deck is great for personal and one on one conversation. These cards help reprogram your brain, moving from negative thought patterns to positive ones. They are designed to foster emotional awareness and release with your personal practice or in deeper connection with loved ones.

The Positive Programming deck was inspired to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), NLP Neurolinguistic Programming, and conscious language to create new and consistent patterns of more self love, compassionate and inspired expression.

This Rainbow deck includes 75 cards in 7 colors and a free month of emotional release training with the World Tapping Circle.  

  • RED: Naming of what is, right now
  • ORANGE: Sef-compassion
  • YELLOW: Openness
  • GREEN: Forgiveness
  • BLUE: Honoring
  • INDIGO: Insight
  • VIOLET: Inspiration

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